Shelled Soybeans (Edamame)

Shelled Soybeans
Shelled Soybeans
Shelled Soybean Nutrition
Shelled Soybean Nutrition


Snack, Lunch, Dinner

Good Uses

Snack, Salad Topper, Added to Soup or Stew, Topper for any dish where you need to up the protein and/or fiber

Alternative To

Unhealthy or processed snacks, Other beans that tend to cause IBS or gas

Why I Like It

A heaping handful of these (1/2 cup) have about 8g of dietary fiber and 9g of protein, and just 2g each of fat and sugar at 90 Calories. No saturated or trans fats. It has about as much Potassium as a small banana but 80% less sugar!

Easy to store for long periods in the freezer. As a snack, just take it out of the freezer and defrost in 30-45 seconds in the microwave. Or, use it in your soups and stews. It is one of my favorite additions to my Turkey Chili in the InstantPot for a quick and hearty meal. I also sprinkle some on top of any other dishes or leftovers I might have to up the protein and fiber (e.g. pasta, salad, etc.).

If using mostly for snacking, buying the soybeans unshelled in pods works great too…sprinkled with a little bit of sea salt.

Worried about effects on your hormone levels or cancer? There’s no solid studies that I’m aware of that soybean has any effect on any of these. It has been a staple food in Asian diets for centuries and if there were any ill-effects, it would have been pretty obvious long ago. Just stick to organic and Non-GMO versions and you should be fine.

Where to Buy

Safeway, Whole Foods, Sprouts


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