Atoria’s or Joseph’s Lavash Bread

Toasted Lavash Flat Bread Sandwich
Toasted Lavash Flat Bread Sandwich
Atoria's Lavash Nutrition
Atoria’s Lavash Nutrition


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Good Uses


Alternative To

Regular bread, Wraps, Flour tortilla

Why I Like It

Less than 2.5:1 Net Carb to Protein Ratio and a mere 100 Calories per Serving for Atoria’s Lavash Sheet (versus over 100 Calories per slice of regular bread). Joseph’s version is 120 Calories per sheet, but has an even more impressive 1:1 Net Carb to Protein Ratio.

Fill and fold over as a flat bread sandwich or quesadilla, or roll up like a wrap or burrito. Goes well for breakfast as a Scrambled Egg Sandwich, or lunch filled with burger, deli meats, cheese and/or tuna. I like to toast mine in the toaster oven.

Quick and easy to use, and versatile. I always try to keep some on hand for a quick healthy meal.

Where to Buy

Safeway, Whole Foods


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